An Indians wedding shows the sacred bond between 2 those that are able to share it for a lifespan. However, that doesn’t mean their cant to be some healthy competition. In fact, these healthy contests set the range of colors during a wedding wherever two best friends keep challenging one another.

Who said trends are solely supposed to be set by the brides? This wedding season grooms are also sharing this fashionable game with the brides. Some distinctive GROOM entry concepts are taking up the Indian wedding currently.

It is stunning when the bride enters on horseback however, Groom wedding entry on a horse belongs to the 80s.

This is why the groom entry concepts have to be revamped.

You need to try and do one thing totally different for your wedding concepts as a groom.
So the groom has all the eye once he enters.

Here could be a complete list of wedding concepts for groom entry.

Just ensure, whatever you are doing, arrange it right. If you think that you don’t have the time or budget to drag it off 100% THEN abort IT and consider one thing more realistic.

However, if you think that you’ll be able to afford to arrange for the foremost stunning Indian bridegroom entry plan, don’t turn away. give it your best shot. Also, confirm there are a professional photographer and videographer with the unique wedding photography concepts to capture the grand moment so you’ll be able to flaunt it for a lifetime.

Fantastic Indian Groom Entry concepts

Check out these jaw-dropping Groom Entry concepts and select the one that suits your vogue the best.

Professional dancer

The idea is, you may hire professional dancers to enter with you. Your friends and relatives randomly dancing your way into your wedding are so not stylish. however, if you have got practiced some real moves secretly, with a popular celebrity dancer, you may completely own the day!

Enter in vogue with a popular dancer and a bunch of dancer friends right behind you.

Dancing within a Truck

All Indian weddings are incomplete without a Barat, Dhol beats and some noise. To take this another level, decorate truck with LED lights or decent floral work as your choice and groom together with his squad will enter in dancing on dhol tunes or some favorite Bollywood song.


You can choose the classic horseback also but to make it something totally different, however, keep it traditional, choose an elephant with a large traditional red umbrella covering you.

To add to the effects, have your friends to clear the way on bikes. If that’s too much for the elephant to take, have them walk on feet creating way with color bombs so your pathway into the wedding looks as vibrant as your married life is going to be.

Cold fire.

All you need is a few dedicated and well-organized friends to use it.
The best factor about cold fire is that you simply can mix it with any of the other entry ideas. you can have cold fire lead an elephant’s way if it will be trained to try and do so. you’ll be able to have a cold fire on a tractor, or whereas you’re on your bike or car.

cold fire,fireworks at distance

Wherever you can use the color bombs during the day use cold fire in the dark. Keep an eye on with cold fire for the wedding venue because there’ll be plenty of fabrics within the decors and a lot of people awaiting you and the bride. So, stay safe. you can always back the cold fire with some actual fireworks going on at a distance. this may raise the background effects and set the mood for a big fat Indian wedding.

Entry on a Superbike

groom entry in wedding on bike

If you’re on the point of getting married, you can showcase your love for bikes by entering your wedding on one. Well, it’s not an everyday bike ride. Ride in style together with your entire squad on will amaze everyone as you enter in slow motion with all of your guys following you. whether it’s your passion or second love, coming into the marriage on a superbike has its own thrill. who desires a horse when you can use horsepower to impress your bride? perhaps surprise your bride with a brand new bike you were planning on buying.


groom entry on tractor

If you’re getting married in a village, maybe in a farmhouse, or likewise theme, have a tractor decked up for your wedding. If you’re feeling bolder, ride it yourself. Take tractor driving lessons secretly a minimum of for a month before the D day. you may also chill and sit at the back.

Third Wheeling, Sholay style

If you’re getting married, we are sure that either your best friend or your brother has been your wingman always. how about letting him lead you to the mandap? you can amuse yourself and others by re-enacting the Sholay scene on a double scooter before coming into the venue. decorate it with the wedding theme or simple flowers.

Vintage car

vintage car for groom entry

Groom’s entry in a vintage car is also a winner and is presently trending. See this groom creating his way in a vintage car? No groom will get it wrong with this classic. This seriously makes for some smashing photos! Take your vintage-themed wedding to the next level by adding a vintage car to the mix. you’ll be able to bring it in for your groom wedding entry and steal the bride away at the same after the Bidai ceremony.

Live band

Secretly hire a rising band or a popular one if cash isn’t any matter. make them play the most effective romantic yet lively numbers whereas you enter along with them. it would be best to hire your bride’s favorite band if you’ll be able to. or a band that performs in a cafe wherever you 2 meet regularly. you may also make the band play your bride’s favorite tracks. she will have a tough time controlling her feet from getting on with the beat.

If these ideas don’t appeal to you, you’ll be able to additionally consider entering your wedding on a Segway, an ATV, or a golf cart – no matter you like! there’s, literally, no limit to how creative you can get with your groom wedding entry. discuss with your wedding planner and that they may simply be able to bring your super crazy plan to reality.


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