The wedding is a ceremony for which everyone dreams and Marathi wedding is one of the simplest weddings among the diverse cultures of India, But it’s full of Marathi traditional rituals which are very meaningful and beautiful that you don’t want to miss ever.

In the wedding, everyone is paying special attention to the bride because she is a real star of that golden day.
and so to look like a star perfect accessories and makeup helps the bride.

Here are some Marathi bride makeup tips and information for Marathi bride I hope that will help.

Bridal Outfit

A traditional Marathi bride adorns traditional Marathi Paithani ‘Nauvar Saree’ or ‘kasta’. Nauvar saree is the nine-yard saree having a kasta in back draped like dhoti style.

In the initial stage, it’s adorn as a symbol of Men and Women equality.

Marathi bride wears Paithani saree of yellow or red colour having golden zari border or motifs of peacock, parrot, and flowers.

Bridal Makeup

Divine simplicity and eyes with sparkle make you look like a beautiful Marathi bride.

Expressive eyes

For expressive eyes of Marathi bride, Choose Gold and copper-coloured eyeshadow and after that lighter tones are used to fill the inner corners of the eyes and brows bone. After that is done properly, winged eyeliner is applied for finishing and maintaining the natural shape of the eyes. the last Finishing touch is done with applying mascara on lashes and kajal in eyes.

Hydrated pink lips

The finish of the Marathi brides look is perfect lip colour. Choose a metal red colour or shades of metal red and apply to the freshly hydrated lips.

Natural blush

For natural-looking blush choose the same colour of blush that you applied to the lips and apply it to the apples of cheeks.

Hairstyle for Marathi Bride

Marathi brides hairstyle is not that different from the other bridal hairstyle. It’s very easy and simple.

Bridal bun with flowers

It’s not that complicated twist to make a bridal bun what sets them apart from others is flowers wreath which is tied on the bun. Which completes the bridal hairstyle. That flower wreath is traditionally known as ‘Gajara’. This Gajara is usually made up of jasmine flowers.

Marathi bridal jewellery and accessories


Mundawalya is a unisex ornament.
marathi bridal jewellery.
marathi bridal makeup

Mundawalya is a unisex ornament. Bride and groom both can wear it. Mundavalya is a pair of pearl string running across the forehead and dangling for either side reaching your jawline to beautifully frame your face.

Bridal Nath (Nosering)

It's a very beautiful and famous nose ornament of Maharashtrian women

marathi bridal makeup
Maharashtrian Nath

It’s a very beautiful and famous nose ornament of Maharashtrian women.
Nath is made up of pearls and gemstone. We can consider that the girl with nath is Marathi Or Maharashtrian. It’s not only worn as an ornament or for beauty there is one scientific reason behind it. According to Ayurveda, piercing your nose and wearing gold nose pin not only reduce the pain during the menstrual cycle but also increases fertility in the women.


Kudya is round earrings made with natural white pearls. These earrings are mostly worn by Maharashtrian women in a traditional look. Those earrings mostly match with Nath(Nosering).


Thushi is made up of a gold plated alloy. Thushi beads are woven in a unique style.
thushi is also a very famous necklace from Maharashtra. Women’s from Maharashtra wear it with a Paithani or nauvar.

Tanmani or chinchpeti

It’s a traditional choker of Maharashtrian women made up of golden shade pearls or pink and white gems.


Vaki is a piece of hand jewellery. It is made up of gold diamond and pearls. It’s also a very beautiful hand accessory. It’s wear in the arm.


Payal is the leg ornament, which is made up of silver. It’s wear in the ankle. It’s kind of anklets but these anklets are traditional.

Jodavi (Toering)

toe rings are worn only by married women’s. Because it shows the marital status of the women. The toe rings are made up of silver. These rings are wear in the index toe and fourth toe. Toe ring has been a part of Indian culture but now- a -days people from other countries are wearing it for a fashion.

Kolhapuri Saaj

Kolhapuri saaj is a necklace. It shows the marital status of women. black colour beads are woven in the thread and attach the gold pendant in the mid of the necklace. This ornament is from Kolhapur that’s why it’s called kolhapuri saaj.

Green Chura

Green Chura is Green colour bangles which are worn by a bride during her marriage. It also shows the marital status of a woman.
Its normally wear in the wrist of hand its constant friction increases the blood circulation level.

I hope everything I have listed above helped you guys a little more.
Enjoy your Marathi wedding.

If you have any suggestions feel free to comment below.

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